I’m such a sucker for impulsive purchases. Story of my life really; a handful of unworn dresses many with the tags still intact, shoes that have pounded the pavement just once, neglected bags crumpled at the back of my cupboard including, horribly enough, a beloved designer number that hasn’t been out of its dustbag more […]


Friends, there’s a breeze up my skirt and it ain’t from the autumn wind. Ok sit down and look into my eyes. You trust me, don’t you? Because I’m going to tell you one thing that’s going to change your life. Ya ready? Braised balsamic cabbage. You really need to make this now.  Who could’ve […]


Eggnog Crème Brulee

November 24, 2009

The delectable crème brulée is one of favourite desserts of all time and it is the main culprit for the constant overflow of egg whites in my freezer. It makes for a brilliant dessert anytime but obviously, there’s nothing remotely Christmassy about it. But why should that stop anybody from enjoying the delightful combo of sweet […]