Hi! So just to update you on my life… “I’m totally not dead. Beers for all!” But cheers for the concern. I wish I had a glamorous story to explain my five-week hiatus (a new record oops) but alas it was nothing more than the usual blah blah busy with work blah blah no blog […]


I know I’m a sporadic Daring Baker and I’m shamefully late with this one but I found it hard to resist this one challenge. Namely because it’s chocolate and hello! it’s one of my favourites, the Marquise. As we were told, this was a special dessert that was chosen because it’s relatively unknown and it […]


To skip this rant and onto the original post, scroll down… *Edit May 2012: A “similar” recipe to this was recently discovered to have been used on the Seven Network’s reality tv cooking show My Kitchen Rules (season 3) by contestant Samantha Bui as well as published in the accompanying cookbook and on her blog […]


Chocolate Pots de Crème with vanilla chantilly and brown sugar meringue I’m sure fellow Aussies/New Zealanders would understand my confusion when I first checked this month’s Daring Bakers challenge, which listed Chocolate ‘Pavlovas’ with Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse. What I saw from the challenge photos were in Australian culture, meringues. As in baked-all-the-way-through crispy meringues. In case […]