Citrus and Candy’s Weekend Medical Report: Symptoms: Gloomy, grey autumn weather. Cold chills and rain. Frazzled hair. Cranky pants. Diagnosis: Early onset of Winter Blues. Treatment: Warming, hearty food of the naughtiest kind. Make sure that it is lovingly prepared and greedily scoffed while donning your most glamorous trackie dacks*. *Glamorous = the ones […]


A special occasion dinner with The Captain is always a tricky issue… especially if it’s for me. The poor bugger never knows where to take me because I’m notoriously fussy. You see, I don’t really like fine dining or fancy restaurants and I don’t like making a big ceremony out of things. I’m definitely at […]


(sometime around lunchtime on Tuesday, July 13th 2010) The Captain: Are you cooking for Bastille Day? Me: ….. ??? Shamefully, I completely forgot that it was mid-July already so cooking these two French classics on the eve of a French national holiday was purely coincidental! But it comes as no surprise to anybody really, because […]