Earl Grey

You know, I had a post already written up about my current state of panic. And how I’ve done absolutely nothing for the holidays; not a single thing baked, not a single pressie bought, not one Christmas meal planned and shopped for. And how the thought of fighting other frenzied shoppers in over-crowded malls terrified […]


I’m such a sucker for impulsive purchases. Story of my life really; a handful of unworn dresses many with the tags still intact, shoes that have pounded the pavement just once, neglected bags crumpled at the back of my cupboard including, horribly enough, a beloved designer number that hasn’t been out of its dustbag more […]


To skip this rant and onto the original post, scroll down… *Edit May 2012: A “similar” recipe to this was recently discovered to have been used on the Seven Network’s reality tv cooking show My Kitchen Rules (season 3) by contestant Samantha Bui as well as published in the accompanying cookbook and on her blog […]