Peach, Tea and Mascarpone Trifle

November 23, 2012

Ok I gotta be honest, this isn’t really a trifle in the purest sense (I mean a trifle without sherry, custard, jelly and sponge cake?! *Thud goes the purists*). What it really is and was always meant to be, is a fruity version of tiramisu replacing the coffee with peaches, fragrant tea and peach liqueur. I just hate to give it a cheesy name like peach-misu or peachimisu so I’ve stuck with calling it a trifle. I mean hey, it still has fruit, sponge, cream and booze right?

A while ago I was lucky to be sent a gorgeous tray of fresh Aussie peaches to mark the start of the summer stone fruit season. Happy days indeed! There’s nothing I love more about summer than stocking up on peaches, nectarines and plums then sticking them in all kinds of desserts (this tart is still one of my all-time favourites).

I adore my coffee tiramisu but this was an amazing and much lighter alternative; perfect for the sweltering months ahead. As for the dunk-worthy tea, a good quality peach flavour is the obvious choice but I reckon a French Earl Grey with its floral and almost peachy fruity notes is the winner here. But then again I might be a little biased :)

Feel free to skip the booze if you wish and the same goes with the nuts; not necessary but I loved the extra bite, flavour and colour from the pistachios. But do make sure you begin this dessert ahead of time. An overnight stint in the fridge (or for a few hours at least) for the flavours to deepen and party together makes all the difference in the world.

Peach, Tea and Mascarpone Trifle
Serves 6
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  1. 250g mascarpone
  2. 250ml / 1 cup yellow peach purée (from approximately 3 whole super ripe peeled peaches)
  3. 1-2 Tbl of caster sugar (or to taste)
  4. 30ml crème de peche or peach schnapps (or to taste)
  5. 60ml cream, whipped to soft peaks
  6. 3 ripe yellow peaches
  7. 150g savoiardi biscuits (Italian sponge fingers available in 250g or 500g packs from the biscuit aisle)
  8. 250ml / 1 cup brewed peach or French earl grey tea
  9. 1/3 cup of crushed pistachios
  1. Mix the mascarpone, peach purée, 1 tablespoon of the sugar and peach liqueur until combined then gently fold in the cream. Taste and add more sugar if necessary (the amount you use will depend on the sweetness of the fruit). Cover and refrigerate. Meanwhile, cut your peaches in half, remove the stone then slice into thin wedges.
  2. Dip half of the savoiardi biscuits quickly into the tea then place them in a layer on the bottom of 6 individual glasses or ramekins (you’ll have to break up the sponge fingers to fit them in. But if you prefer you could leave them whole and layer it into one large serving dish).
  3. Divide half of the mascarpone mixture amongst the 6 glasses over the biscuit base then top with half of the fresh peach slices. Dip the last half of the biscuits into the tea then layer them over the peaches then spoon over half of the remaining mascarpone mixture. Top with the remaining peach slices then cover with the last of the mascarpone mixture. Garnish with crushed pistachios, cover with plastic wrap then refrigerate for at least a few hours or overnight for the flavours to develop. Serve chilled.
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