Hello 2012!

January 2, 2012

Whoa mama it has been a heck of a month! The highlight was when my car ended my year with a bang and sent me home on a tow truck four days before Christmas (fun times peeps, I highly recommend it). That aside, 2011 was a pretty good year but I can’t wait to get 2012 started. Before I do, how about a quick frolic down memory lane?

So in a nutshell: 

• Citrus and Candy turned 3! I still can’t believe I’ve been at it for this long because normally I have the attention span of a peanut. But I’m still lovin’ it and if ya’ll have me, I’m sticking around for a little longer.

• Shooting all the photos on this blog has turned into a little passion of mine and it’s the most fun I have when writing a post. I was thrilled to be recognised for it as a finalist for Best Photography Blog in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards where I was flown to my hometown of Kuala Lumpur for the ceremony. I had about 9 hours sleep in 4 days, nearly went over my luggage limit because I just had to buy over 10kg in biscuits and snacks, learnt how to ‘jump’ and just had the time of my life. Definitely one of the highlights of 2011!

[Photo 2 and 3 taken by Grab Your Fork]

And of course there were many many awesome meals, newly discovered and old favourites, that kept me well fed and happy during the year.

1. Desserts and the most brilliant Pedro Ximenez I ever had at Sepia Restaurant
2. Chocolate Fondant gelato (and my fave Coconut and Lychee) at Gelato Messina
3. Fried Chicken at The Dip
4. Birthday lunch at Universal with the most epic dessert I ever had in my life Gaytime Goes Nuts (front)

1. Pie Stack at The Abercrombie
2. It was all about the dude food: hot dogs, grilled corn and pulled pork nachos at The Dip
3. Feasting at The House of Chocolatesuze
4. 5L beer kegs (and Korean fried chicken) at Arisun 

And how could I forget all the stuff that I made throughout the year? Here are some of the many recipes that demands to be repeated again and again.

1. Finally tapped into The Mother’s recipe book and learnt how to make my most favourite Malaysian snack of all time - Bak Kwa (marinated grilled pork ‘jerky’).

2. Easily the most viewed and most popular recipe of the year, One Bowl Chocolate Cake, the quickest and easiest cake you’ll ever make. So easy that you could virtually stir it with your toes (not that I’ve tried it yet).

3. Passionfruit Ice Cream; perfect for summer (whenever it decides to show up in Sydney).

4. I finally learnt how to make Assam Laksa! It has definitely eased the homesickness (I make it at least twice a month heh).

1. Summer Linguine

2. Apple and Zucchini Cake with Honeycomb Butter
3. ‘Pig and Beer’
4. Spaghetti with Cauliflower and Speck 

1. Lemon Lime and Bitters Macaron made by Steph and Lisa
2. The most amazing Chocolate and PX Brownie Cake that Steph and Lisa made for my birthday (I love these girls to bits). Here’s to more of our baking projects and frivolity in 2012! xx

I hope you all had a fabulous 2011 and I look forward to sharing more blog shenanigans with you this year! Much love and thank you x infinity for all the comments, emails and of course, for reading.

Love from Me, The Captain and Orfy xx