I admit, I haven’t done any Christmas baking at all; not a candy cane, eggnog, gingerbread or fruit cake recipe in sight. I was however, planning a last minute Christmas ambush of chocolatey recipes on the blog but as usual, things got away from me and before I knew it, it was the end of […]


You know, I had a post already written up about my current state of panic. And how I’ve done absolutely nothing for the holidays; not a single thing baked, not a single pressie bought, not one Christmas meal planned and shopped for. And how the thought of fighting other frenzied shoppers in over-crowded malls terrified […]


Ok so it’s a little strange to post another cheesecake recipe so soon after this one but I just bought myself one of those nifty Profiline Pushpan cake tins and I really wanted to test it out. For those that aren’t sure what I’m talking about, it’s a loose-bottomed cake tin with a water-tight silicone seal […]


{Competition is now closed. Congratulations Robyn Little!} The holiday countdown is officially on and to celebrate, I’m reaching into my Christmas sack a little early and brightening up someone’s kitchen with a new toy. A few months ago my old stick blender died a pitiful death, which for a raging soup lover during winter, was […]

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Wait what?! Mussels and… blue cheese?! So those who know me well would understandably, be a little perplexed and confused by the fact that I have a blue cheese recipe on the blog. And that I actually cooked with it and survived the stinky fumes. Because they’d all know that I’ve always been repulsed by […]


Ok I gotta be honest, this isn’t really a trifle in the purest sense (I mean a trifle without sherry, custard, jelly and sponge cake?! *Thud goes the purists*). What it really is and was always meant to be, is a fruity version of tiramisu replacing the coffee with peaches, fragrant tea and peach liqueur. […]