Roast Duck, Char-grilled Peach and Orange Salad

February 14, 2011

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If you’re looking for romantic Valentine stories or recipes then you’ve come to the wrong place I’m afraid. This, my friends, is a Valentine-free zone. There is absolutely no room here for obsessively lovey-dovey photos, red roses, Hallmark cards and teddy bears. Though I must confess that if somebody gave me keys to a ’69 Mustang then I’d be more than happy to get all smushy on his ass :P

Thankfully The Captain knew from day 1 that I was severely lacking the girly-girl and bridal gene and our seven years together has done bubkiss to soften me up. Not to say we don’t have our moments (and believe it or not, I do have a tender side to my personality hehe) but we definitely function on a different wavelength. I can have a short fuse and a temper that would make Hades tremble and volcanoes explode. The Captain? He’s just an ol’ laidback softie. On paper, we shouldn’t work, but we just do. 

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The same can be said here. Seriously, poultry and fruits? But as we’ve known for eons, duck pairs beautifully with the likes of oranges, plums or cherries. You may not find Valentine-esque sentiments here but there’s still the love of food. And the beauty of colour.

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I first spotted this Roast Duck and Peach Salad through Gourmet Traveller¬†and I was just sucked in by the kaleidoscope of colours on the crisp white plate. Extra bonus because it took little effort to pull it together for a quick meal and it was non-threatening to a salad-phobe like me (non-threatening as in it still has meat in it hehe). Even the photos with its vivid colours makes me smile. We eat with all of our senses and for me, it just tastes better when the food is eye-gasmic. Which brings me to my next thought. Can you just imagine how awesome rainbows would taste? Cool man…

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Roast Duck, Char-grilled Peach and Orange Salad with Orange Plum Dressing

(Serves 2)


1/2 of a Chinese roast BBQ duck
1 large yellow peach (slightly firm)
Olive Oil
1 large orange, peeled, pithed and segmented
150g baby salad leaves and/or baby spinach leaves
Handful each of Thai basil and Vietnamese mint


Original flung-together recipe

1 Tbl orange zest
1 Tbl (15ml) each of orange and lime juice
2 Tbl (30ml) plum sauce
60ml extra virgin olive oill
Sea salt and freshly ground white pepper, to taste
Sliced and deseeded fresh chilli, to taste


For the dressing, combine all the ingredients in a jar, screw on the lid and shake shake shake!

Peel the meat off the duck and shred. Discard the bones and fat.

Cut the peach in half and take out the stone. Brush the halves with oil and chargrill cut side down. Slice into wedges.

Toss the shredded duck, peach slices and salad leaves together. Top with fresh herbs, spoon over the dressing and garnish with orange slices.

Recipe adapted from Gourmet Traveller.

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