Sydney Food Blogger Spring Picnic

October 13, 2010

Prize winning dessert – check out this thing of beauty by Anna of Diary of a Ladybird

I always knew that our humble Sydney Food Blogger community were an awesome bunch of people. This fair city of ours is no stranger to mass blogger social events and I’m proud to say that we’re probably the most tight-knit bunch in the world (not that it’s a contest but I’m just saying hehe). Thinking of you lot gets me all cheery and happy (nawww).


Top: Gorgeous cake and macarons by
Bottom: Malaysian kaya kuih by Rosalind of Rasa Rosa

Thanks to a brilliant idea from A Table For Two, we thought it was time for another gluttonous gathering of bloggers with the inaugural Sydney Food Blogger Mad Hatter Spring Picnic. We also thought it would be fun to rope in our Melbournian compatriots to organise one for their city for a bit of simultaneous picnicking action.


Cakes, cakes and more cakes! (I died and went to heaven)
Top: Blueberry cheesecake by Leila of Table Nosh
Bottom: Triple Ginger Cake with Honey Marshmallow Icing by Stovetop Revolution

The weather was grey and gloomy and hat hair was imminent, but still we gathered with our fabulous head pieces. My aim was to meet bloggers, not scare the bejesus out of them so out went the black gothic tophat with the awesome face veil and in came a generic summer trilby. But beneath it all, our sole mission (admit it), was to eat and eat lots. With some frigging awesome prizes on offer (including a brand new Kitchenaid, thanks to Nuffnang), Sydney food bloggers took this picnic to epic proportions with an awesome array of crazy hats and some truly amazing dishes.


Top: Lemon Shortbread Tartlets by Fat Belly Club (and winner of 2nd best dessert)

Bottom: ‘Tea-ramisu’ in chocolate teacups by Tammi of Insatiable Munchies

¬†Seriously I was impressed. And astounded. We even had a special cake made for the occasion by Anna of Diary of a Ladybird (the first photo with the awesome fondant blogger decorations!). Needless to say she took out first prize. But special mention also has to go to “Mr Shanks” of Ya Yas Yum Yums for their equally adorable cupcakes adorned with hats. I was exploding from cuteness overload.


Ok, I’m not a squealer, but I’m going to squeal at this *wheee!*

And then there were fish cakes. Magical fish cakes. As soon as I tasted it, I knew it was a winner and I just wanted more and more. Even after my subsequent dessert orgy and being on the brink of death from a food coma, I still wanted them. I was absolutely thrilled to announce the winner and the ecstatic reaction from the awesome Anita from No Red Meat at winning the top prize absolutely made my day. A totally deserving (and gracious) winner!


Top: *Those* Fish cakes by
No Red Meat
Bottom: Mini burgers from Fat Belly Club

We had adorable cookie monster cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies galore, s’more tarts, blue sangria, pastry pies, cake pops, Malaysian kuihs, pad thai, tea-mirasu in chocolate cups, “blue-schetta”, more cakes, smoked bacon dulce de leche slice, two varieties of Momofuku pork buns, mini burgers, salmon blinis… holy cow… I love eating with food bloggers!

As for our hats, we partied with Gaga, Carmen Miranda, bunnies, ninjas, China men, gangstas in baseball caps, hipsters in trilbys and fedoras, racing fillies, a gingerbread man and witches. Cheers for getting into the theme!


Top: Cookie Monster cupcakes by Jacq of
Penguin Says Feed Me
Bottom: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Slice by Sweetest Kitchen

Jebus, judging all the food was definitely not the worst job in the world and it was absolutely worth the pain of well, eating everything in site. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take more photos of our culinary spread because it definitely deserves another ogling.


Momofuku heaven!
Bottom: A different version of Momofuku buns with shredded pork and a ‘slaw by Simon of The Heart of Food

A thousand thank yous to all you crazy Sydney food bloggers for making this picnic awesome. You all rock in your own unique way. And to our Melbourne colleagues, hope you all had a blast in your picnic too! Cheers to our Melbourne organisers, Penny, Michele and Thanh for jumping on board with us. And of course to my partner-in-crime for being the mastermind behind this whole event.

Finally, a huge thank you to our prize sponsors: