‘Twas Christmas eve and after a casual family dinner and a spontaneous bout of bowling at Strike Bowling Bar, Mr S. and I arrived home with a severe case of the sweet munchies. Now I was one of those children that insisted on leaving milk and cookies to tide Santa Claus over on his annual […]


How do you like the Mother’s über-loud and ultra-kitsch Christmas table-cloth?…oh Mother… Christmas dinner is usually a Hosted-by-Mother event when the pilgrimage of relatives descend on our household. It doesn’t take much stress to push the Mother over the edge so the menu each year is always something simple and filling but good. This year […]


Christmas Eve dinner at our household is always a casual affair for our family – the calm before the storm of Christmas night. Oysters are always a permanent fixture (3 dozen of them and always Sydney Rock) and two huge Scotch fillets added the heavy richness to the night. The vegetable element was severely lacking […]


Can you believe this is the first time I’ve been in the kitchen, right and proper in a while? Sadly with the countdown to the silly season, party planning, shopping and an endless parade of social occasions and Christmas parties, I barely had the energy to bake! Finally I got some time to myself after […]


…and to greet you all! Christmas is the time of the year for get-togethers, presents (admit it) and family (whether you like it or not). More importantly it’s the one time of the year when you can eat yourself silly and all is forgiven….well that’s what I like to tell myself anyway! I like to […]


In this unassuming building on Harrington Street, lies a favourite haunt amongst my friends and I. A place where the love of Bavarian-esque food and copious amounts of beer are always satisfied. Ok geographically Belgium is not Bavaria but I digress. There are currently 3 locations of Belgian Beer Café: Cammeray, Balmain and my usual […]


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