Coffee Granita



Not sure if anybody’s gonna read this but hi there! I’m back! Ready for a fresh start and back at square one after a looooong break.

So why the long hiatus? Well let’s just say that procrastinating on wedding planning and leaving most things to the last minute isn’t the best idea. Especially if it means everything else has to take a backseat. On a totally unrelated note (ok not really); The Cap and I are hitched! Best day we ever had, but that’s a story for another time.

Obviously I was enjoying the time off way too much so now it’s time to boot my lazy arse into gear and get back to all the stuff that I’ve put on hold the past year or so including this poor blog. But baby steps first. This old gal gotta ease back into things slowly so I’m starting off with something simple :)

Coffee Granita

So the weather is firing on all cylinders and my A/C is getting a good run (so not looking forward to the summer heatwaves!). So how about we cool things off a bit?

Confession – I don’t like hot drinks. Give me ice! Give me chilled! Give me a scoop of ice cream for my coffee! But hold that canned whipped cream coz that shite is naaaaasty. It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing outside, I will still cup my gloved hands around a soothing iced beverage and say to hell with winter.

Coffee Granita

Anyway I lurrrve my coffees iced. So for me, a coffee granita – or in not-so-fancy terms, a rough coffee slushy – is perfect. I love having a container of it stored in the freezer so I can sneak in a few spoonfuls whenever I need a pick me up.

It’s also perfect in desserts – as a trifle topping, with tiramisu or served with a shot of liqueur poured over (like a light, boozy affogato). Feel free to use any good quality instant, espresso, Viet or Malaysian-filtered coffee (just don’t forget the condensed milk hehe). But for the love of all that is holy, stay away from that tin of International Roast ya hear? *shudder*

Coffee Granita

Coffee Granita

Coffee Granita

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